January 21, 2011

About the Trainer

Jacob Hiller has trained high school, college, NBA, and Olympic athletes, and professional dunkers. He has been developing vertical jump explosion techniques for over ten years and training coaches and athletes to maximize their potential. He has consistently helped athletes to gain 40+ verticals.

His Mission Statement :
"Provide dedicated athletes with the safest and most effective means of maximizing vertical explosion potential".

Jacob Hiller has been involved in vertical jump training for over 8 years.  Jacob is credited with having developed The Jump Manual, a concise guide to comprehensive vertical jump training.  He has trained and consulted and trained athletes from high school, college, NBA to international Olympic athletes.    Jacob’s personal best recorded vertical is 44″ off 2 feet.  He has trained 100’s of athletes to exceed 40 inches in vertical jump explosion by implementing his multi-faceted explosion training.
Jacob currently trains and resides in Provo, UT with his wife Kalli Hiller. Jacob began using The Jump Manual in 2004 to personally train athletes.  Many students were producing gains quickly, and many students gained more than 20 inches.  Jacob realized the need for publishing the manual as local buzz increased about the training and local athletes witnessed the results.  The Jump Manual has been available online since February 08 and is attracting a significant user base.  To date the “double your money back guarantee” has never been requested, and testimonials and thank you emails are received almost daily.

It is Jacob’s mission to change the face of vertical jump training so that every dedicated athlete can have access to effective, and safe vertical jump training to the extent that any athlete can reach their maximum explosion potential (MEP).  Jacob supports further research for safer and more effective training methods, and has been recognized by many athletes and coaches internationally as an authority on vertical jump training.


January 20, 2011

Testimonial Videos

What is the importance of a multi-faceted approach?

Anything less than a multi-faceted approach is missing out on the improvement and synergy of targeting every effective facet of vertical jump explosion.  Don’t cheat yourself out of valuable results by ignoring unknown training aspects.
There are nine different improvable aspects by which you may increase your vertical explosion and quickness.  Would you rather target one or two--or all nine? This may seem like a silly question, but unfortunately most programs only target one or two. The Jump Manual is the only program to target every aspect of vertical jump explosion and quickness. Targeting each facet allows for the quickest possible results.  The cumulative effect of effectively training each aspect produces results fast.

Targeted improvements on your form alone can, upon mastery of the techniques, increase your vertical from 2 – 4 inches.  A few commonly neglected aspects of a correct diet will allow your muscle recovery to improve by 150%, which will result in faster gains and greater injury prevention. An understanding of correct training methods and why 90% of people are doing the right exercises the wrong way, will sky rocket your results. A correct understanding of what plyometrics really are, why most people are doing them incorrectly, and how to use them to get an unfair training advantage. Resistance training is highly neglected in most vertical jump programs and we show you how to use it to further increase your gains. Untargeted but highly involved muscle groups have been left untapped by many vertical jump training programs, use them to get your whole body involved in upward propulsion.  Use advanced flexibility techniques to strengthen your muscles, provide leverage to your movements, and allow your muscles to contract more powerfully than before.  Understand the elastic nature of your muscles and how that relates to your training for basketball and performance.

No other program combines every aspect of vertical explosion training into one simple and comprehensive guide. The majority of other programs simply isolate one training method and consequently miss out on the enormous benefit of a comprehensive multi-faceted training approach.